Cardiovascular Health / Inflammation

Inflammation can be easily measured with advanced testing that assesses your inflammatory state and cardiovascular risk. Monitoring your inflammatory status may allow you to catch the beginning, or even treat advanced stages of inflammation, in an effort to reduce your cardiovascular risk.

Cleveland HeartLab offers unique inflammation testing which provides additional and complementary insight into cardiovascular risk beyond cholesterol testing alone. Our inflammation testing consists of simple blood and urine biomarkers that identify inflammatory risk across a risk spectrum. This additional information allows for targeted treatment to reduce risk over one’s lifetime.

Functional Lab Testing

This group of tests covers a patient’s biomarker profile which may result from lifestyle concerns (F2-IsoPs, OxLDL) to the development of metabolic or cardiovascular disease (ADMA/SDMA, Microalbumin, hsCRP) and formation of vulnerable plaque and increased risk for an adverse event (Lp-PLA2 Activity, MPO).

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